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Asian Trail Mix 100g

Wasabi broad beans, Edamame, Blackbeans, Blackcurrants, Goji Berries, Almonds | "Bursting with taste and energy!"
renew healthy snacks

Seedy 100g

Pepitas, Sunflower Seeds, Raisins, Goji Berries, Cacao Nibs | "So many superfoods in one mix, must be SUPER!"
renew singapore healthy snacks

Cheng Tng 100g

Crunchy Lotus Seeds, Dried Longans and Goji Berries | "Just like the one at our dessert stores, only more convenient!"
renew tasty healthy snacks

Chewy 100g

Raw dried figs, mulberries (seasonal) and pepitas | “Daily jaw exercise, another perk me up favourite!”
Honey Mustard Soy crisp

Chipmonds 80g

Honey Mustard Soy Chips and Baked Almonds | "Savory delight for all ages"
Healthy vegetable crisps chips

Veggies 60g

Various vegetable crips | “Mama told me to eat my vegetables, but she didn't say how!”
vegetable and soy crisps

Greens 65g

Various vegetable and honey mustard soy crisp | “Can't decide on veg or soy crisp, here you can have both!”
Garden granola

Garden 100g

Toasted Oats with various nuts, seeds and dried fruits mix | “Wholesome treat from nature to you!”
Renew evergreen snacks

Pepitas 100g

Pepitas, Lavenders, Pink Salt | "Another original, another hit!"
renew healthy snacks

Sunkissed 100g

Sunflower Seeds, Cinnamon | "How does RENEW do it?"
renew evergreen snacks

Noir 100g

Black Beans and Blackcurrants | "A balanced diet starts here!"
renew healthy snacks

Wasababy 100g

Wasabi Broad Beans | "Fiery but oh so addictive!"