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Lavender Pistachio N.B. 180g jar

Sugarless Pistachio nut butters in with lavender, and himalayan pink salt. | “Simply out of this World!”

Cinnamon pecans N.B. 180g jar

Pecan butters in with cinnamon, low GI coconut sap sugar and himalayan pink salt. | “Smells like Christmas!”

White Earl Grey Cashew N.B. 180g

Sugarless Cashew nut butters with citrus and floral notes, matcha and himalayan pink salt. | “Spices up the afternoon tea break!”

Orange Walnut Nut Butters 180g Jar

Walnut nut butters with orange extract, low GI coconut sap sugar and Himalayan Pink Salt. | “Never thought that nutty and citrusy pairing could go hand in hand!”

Rosemary Almond Nut Butters 180g

Almond nut butters with rosemary and himalayan pink salt. | “Uniquely savoury, you will not find this anywhere else!”

Dark Chocolate Seasalt Cashew Nut Butters / Spread 180g Jar

Sugarless Cashew spread with dark cocoa and sea-salt. | “Oooo..!”

Coffee Cashew Nut Butters 180g Jar

Cashew with coffee beans, low GI coconut sap & pink salt. | “Smooth and aromatic, perks up your every morning!”

Plain Almond Nut Butters 180g Jar

Almond nut butters in a smooth grind, low GI coconut sap and Pink Salt. | “Full of texture, full of taste!”