Our meat-free deli in Tampines SAFRA is open to public and serves Avocado foods and drinks, with Vegan and vegetarian friendly options available. Come sample our freshly baked snacks here too!

Acai smoothie bowl with toasted granola

Our Acai bowl is not fancy looking. But it is packed with nutrients and energy. A generous serving as a meal, or a dessert to share with a friend. Only $8.90 per bowl. Come taste the difference!

Avocado Quinoa Toast
Avocado Wholegrain Toast
Our quinoa bread is lightly toasted to give that extra oomph to the smooth avocado. 100% natural and good ingredients here to make it the ultimate tea-time favourite! ($4.50, w/eggs $5.50)
Corn Chips with Avocado Dip
Organic whole-grain corn chips with avocado dip

Freshly-made dip goes best with these chips. $5.90 per set. Need we say more?

Ciabatta Sandwich
Avocado Sandwich

Our avocado sandwich has premium gourmet cheese (or you could opt for vegan cheese), lettuce, ciabatta (our choice of bread), fresh avocado slices with spices. Pairs well with another avocado smoothie, and get the “avocado rush”! (from $5.90)

Coffees and teas
Packaged Snacks

Additional 10% discounts for all SAFRA members, t&cs apply.