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Gusto 100g pack

Cinnamon pecans w/low GI Gula Melaka and dried cranberries | “For the nut connoisseur, one bite and you will be smitten!”

Nutty Pop 100g pack

Wholegrain yellow corn with low GI Gula Melaka cashew and pecans coating | “Sometimes, you can have the cake and eat it!”

Tomyum Pop 100g pack

Wholegrain yellow corn with various spices | “Sweet, savoury, spicy and sour at the same time!”

Earl Grey 100g pack

Matcha Earl Grey Cashew w/low GI Gula Melaka | "Interesting citrusy and floral aromas with nutty notes!”

Wholesome 100g pack

Whole cashews with skin and baked with sea salt | “Nutritiously crunchy!”

Sunrise 100g pack

Matcha Sliced Almonds & Macadamia nuts with low GI Gula Melaka, dark chocolate drops | “Uniquely Tasty!”

Cuppa 100g Pack

Cashews with low GI Gula Melaka and coffee, sunflower seeds and cinnamon | “Sweet aroma of coffee is a perfect match for the crunchy and creamy cashews. nuts, this is a perennial favourite!”

Surprise 100g pack

Fresh available ingredients with healthy dose of imagination | “Life is as such, you never know what you gonna get. Just keep it tasty and healthy and all shall be well!”

Lavender Pistachio N.B. 180g jar

Sugarless Pistachio nut butters in with lavender, and himalayan pink salt. | “Simply out of this World!”

Cinnamon pecans N.B. 180g jar

Pecan butters in with cinnamon, low GI coconut sap sugar and himalayan pink salt. | “Smells like Christmas!”

White Earl Grey Cashew N.B. 180g

Sugarless Cashew nut butters with citrus and floral notes, matcha and himalayan pink salt. | “Spices up the afternoon tea break!”

Orange Walnut Nut Butters 180g Jar

Walnut nut butters with orange extract, low GI coconut sap sugar and Himalayan Pink Salt. | “Never thought that nutty and citrusy pairing could go hand in hand!”