Many roads lead to Rome

One of the common questions we get asked is what to do with our tree nut butters. Some loves to just use a spoon to scoop and eat on its own. But there are of course more ways. So here are some that our friends have suggested. if you have a creative idea, let us … Continue reading Many roads lead to Rome

Roadshows and Partnerships

Often, we are invited to corporate roadshows by their staff who would like to share our healthy snacking propositions with their colleagues; or partners who need vendors for their clients at events. here are some examples   EVENTS Indoor roadshow in corporate pantries Outdoor farmer’s market / pop-up booth on invitation of partners’ clients. Listing … Continue reading Roadshows and Partnerships

Artisan Snacks

Proudly handcrafted in Singapore, we often introduce locally-inspired flavours. More often than not, it is from our beloved customers, when they tell us what they like. Here are some examples: Gusto, our first hit. Came about as customers “complained” that they couldn’t find pecans easily. We know, cos pecans turn rancid very quickly and are … Continue reading Artisan Snacks

Corporate gifts and events

Wholesome snacks are minimally processed with natural ingredients. With us, you can customise your snacks and also the messages. This is thoughtfulness at its best, something your clients and colleagues will appreciate! BOXED SERIES Box of 4 x 30g single pack snacks. Box of 2 x 100g office pack or 8 x 30g single packs … Continue reading Corporate gifts and events

A final photo for keepsake

This is our first shop, and we are vacating it for more space to continue baking our wholesome snacks and tree nut butters . It’s been a most wonderful two years here at Pelikat. We had not imagined that this little project could help us pave the way to serve a bigger audience. But we … Continue reading A final photo for keepsake

Snacks Garage at Tampines SAFRA is opened!

This week, we have coco (nut) latte. And it shall be for $3 (usual $4) till end of Jul 19. Next week, we shall have a new favour in addition. Salted Vanilla Latte sounds good?

Coffee, toasts & smoothie bowls

We had been crafting fresh snacks and tree nut butters that are frequently used in smoothie bowls and toasts. So why not extend the healthy snacking category? Presenting, our upcoming project at Tampines SAFRA. See you soon!

Earl Grey Nut butters and other inspirations

We had often been asked: How do you design new menu? who is the creative one in the kitchen? Actually, you are the creative people. We are just good listeners. The inspiration behind Sambal Almonds (see previous post), Earl Grey Cashew Nut Butters, Briyani Cashews, Gusto Pecans, etc. did not come from us. They come … Continue reading Earl Grey Nut butters and other inspirations

Samba Sambal

Sambal is a chilli sauce well-loved in the Malay Archipelago. Generally made of dried shrimps, vinegar, chilli and lime, it’s a must-have condiment for many dishes. Sweet sambal is a version for Nasi Lemak (coconut rice), and the inspiration for this menu. Keeping to our non-meat and dairy preferences, we used chilli, onions, honey, ginger, … Continue reading Samba Sambal

Wedding favors

Aren’t these lovely? These are our wedding favour boxes with a snacks pack within. Practical and unique memento for your esteemed guests. Contact us to enquire!