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Coffee Cashew Nut Butters 180g Jar

Cashew with coffee beans, low GI coconut sap & pink salt. | “Smooth and aromatic, perks up your every morning!”

Rosemary Almond Nut Butters 180g

Almond nut butters with rosemary and himalayan pink salt. | “Uniquely savoury, you will not find this anywhere else!”

Dark Chocolate Seasalt Cashew Nut Butters 180g Jar

Cashew with dark cocoa, low GI coconut sap sugar and sea-salt. | “Oooo..!”

Chunky Almond Nut Butters 180g Jar

Almond nut butters in a chunky grind, low GI coconut sap sugar and Himalayan Pink Salt. | “Full of texture, full of taste!”

Subscription Box Prepaid 6 boxes

Weekly or fortnightly, we shall delivery a box of 4 delicious and healthy snacks (30g packs). So that you get the freshest bakes always, until you've received all 6 of them of course!

Subscription Box One Time Trial

Four single portions of whatever we feel like feeding you of 30g packs in a box.

Subscription Nut Butters Prepaid 5 bottles

Weekly or Fortnight (pls indicate), we shall send you a freshly crafted 180g bottle of gourmet tree nut butters, so that you have novelty each time!

Christmas Pillows (2 x 100g Snack Packs)

Gusto and Sambal in a cute pillow box

Eco Gift Set (3 x 100g Snack Packs)

Gusto, Brittles and Surprise in an eco-friendly kraft drawer box

Nut Butter Set (4x180g bottles) in a wooden wine box

Each set comes with Lavender Pistachio, Coffee Cashew, Dark Chocolate Seasalt Cashew & Rosemary Almond

Ribbon Gift Set (2x 180g Nut Butters and 3 x 100g Snack Packs)

Earl Grey and Rosemary Almonds Nut Butters and Gusto, Brittles and Surprise Snack packs in a luxurious ribbon box

Pillow Box set (5x100g Snacks Packs)

Pick and match various healthy snacks for your loved ones