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Cuppa 100g Pack

Cashews with low GI Gula Melaka and coffee, sunflower seeds and cinnamon | “Sweet aroma of coffee is a perfect match for the crunchy and creamy cashews. nuts, this is a perennial favourite!”

Surprise 100g pack

Fresh available ingredients with healthy dose of imagination | “Life is as such, you never know what you gonna get. Just keep it tasty and healthy and all shall be well!”

Delish 100g pack

Salted Vanilla Cashews w/low GI Gula Melaka | “Sweet and savoury, definitely addictive!”

Perky 100g pack

Almonds, cashews, paprika, herbs, black pepper, and sea-salt | “Full of natural flavours, and goodness !”

Nutty 100g pack

Low GI nut cookies made with whatever healthy and is in the kitchen | “Love it or hate it, you’ve got to taste it!”

Nature 100g pack

Raw almonds, walnuts and macadamias | “Goodness in its natural form, full of energy to battle afternoon slumps!”

Sunny 100g pack

Almonds & walnuts with sea-salt and hints of Italian herbs, dried mulberries | “Savoury and crunchy nuts, balanced by the sweet and chewy mulberries. Perfect for every palate!”